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Caterpillar Parts

When you are in need of used Caterpillar Parts or a piece of equipment, don’t look any further than IHM Used Parts. At IHM Used Parts we are committed to providing you with quality parts for your every need. Once you place your order, each Cat part or piece is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and sent to you immediately. As part of our process, once you select a part we will send you pictures so that you can verify the piece is in premium condition.

Ready to order or have questions about Cat parts for your caterpillar equipment? Give us a call now at 888-619-2593. You will be connected with a IHM Used Parts professional who will deliver exceptional customer service and assist you with your used part needs. IHM Used Parts is a family owned business with one goal in mind – to make our customers happy and fulfill their needs.

As part of our business model, we are connected to a network of suppliers who we can access virtually any Parts you may need. If not Cat Parts, we have a variety of products to choose from.

Again, call 888-619-2593 to get started. Our experts of the industry are ready to help you find what you are looking for including:

-Caterpillar Seal Kits

-Caterpillar Reclaimer Parts

-Caterpillar Engines

-Caterpillar Tractor Parts

-Cat Wheel Loader Parts

-Cat Compactor Parts

-Cat Scraper Parts

-Cat Skidder Parts

-Cat Backhoe Parts

-Cat Grader Parts

-Cat Track Loader Parts

-Cat Excavator Parts

-Cat Skid Steer Parts

At IHM Used Parts, we do business with companies and individuals worldwide. So whether you are in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong or beyond, we are ready to do business. 

Buying Used Caterpillar Parts

Caterpillar is a massive corporation that owns some of the largest market shares in the heavy equipment business. No one who works regularly with heavy equipment has not encountered Caterpillar at least several times in their lives. It is practically impossible to not learn about how to operate heavy equipment made by Caterpillar at one point or another. Caterpillar is a brand from a company that has built its basis of operation in the country of United States. Caterpillar does not only sell heavy equipment—the company also designs, manufactures, and distributes the equipment themselves. Caterpillar is a massive, multi-chain corporation that has existed for many years already. Caterpillar has stood on top of the heavy equipment industry for quite some time now, and it does not seem like the company has any intention of stepping down anytime soon. One of the many reasons why Caterpillar has become as successful as it is now is because of the quality that the company offers. Caterpillar heavy equipment is known to be powerful, durable, and dependable. Caterpillar does not break down easily. Caterpillar heavy equipment has been known to last for a very long time—longer than most other heavy equipment of other brands. Because of that, even Caterpillars used parts are valued at a high price, and most contractors prefer to purchase Caterpillar heavy equipment because they would be able to resell the equipment after they are done using it at a price that does not decrease much from the first time it was bought. Used parts are in high demand, and you would usually not go wrong with that. However, you would also want to pay attention. You do not want to end up paying a price that would get you a brand new part. You would also not want to end up with a Cat parts that are so old and rusty you cannot even use them anymore.

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Used Caterpillar Parts

There are several things that you need to pay attention to when you are trying to buy used Caterpillar parts, and that would include:

  • The Engine

If you are trying to buy used parts or machinery, then you would need to pay close attention to the engine. Before you do anything else, make sure that the engine would start. If it would not, then there is no question. Do not purchase it. Also, even if it does start, there are other things that you need to pay close attention to. You would not want an engine that seems like it would need replacement, either because it stutters and dies or because it expels questionable black smoke. The replacing of caterpillar engines is a very expensive endeavor, and oftentimes it would be better for you to purchase a whole new piece of equipment from the start. You need to have a keen eye if you want to save money by purchasing used cat parts because there are times when people would love nothing more than to trick you into buying something that really is not suitable anymore.

  • Leaks

Make sure to pay attention to the cat parts and see if there are any leaks. Backhoe loaders and excavators are two things that would notoriously have leak problems. There would be fluid leaking into the machine, and you would not want that. If you purchase a piece of heavy equipment without first checking if there are any leaks in it, you run the risk of having to pay more money to replace the damaged parts. If you purchase used parts that has leaks in it, you run the risk of exposing your brand new machine to unwanted problems, and in the end, you may have to replace the whole machine, not just the one that is broken. Even the machine that was previously fine could end up being affected by the leaks. Technically, you could still purchase used parts that have leaks in it if you want to, because you would be able to replace it easily if you know what to do, and the cost would not be all that devastating, but you need to spot the problem before you pay, because then you would be able to ask the vendor to lower the price. If you do not realize the problem, the vendor would not be so kind as to tell you themselves and risk lowering the profit that they would gain from the sell.

  • Coolant and Oil

Sometimes, when you buy a used part or piece of machinery, it could have coolant or oil leaks. This is a serious problem, because if there is coolant in your oil or vice versa, then your engine would encounter problems later on, and you would have to spend precious time and money on repairing something that you have paid a generous amount for. Make sure that the used parts or machine you are considering does not actually have this problem before you make any decision to purchase.

  • Seizures

Heavy equipment are massive and clunky things that would need proper maintenance if it is to have any hope of lasting for a long time. Even Caterpillar heavy equipment that have been known to be very durable and strong would not be able to last if it is not cared for properly. One sign of an ageing piece equipment that is no longer cared for properly would be seizures. As you work using the machine or heavy equipment, it would seize often, making your overall work a slow and frustrating process. This would definitely hinder the ongoing efforts of the project. Not only would it take a much longer time to finish something that should be done in a jiffy—if the heavy equipment crashes at an inopportune moment, it could be dangerous for all the people involved. Imagine if a crane that is carrying a large block of stone suddenly seizes in midair. What would happen should the huge slab of rock plummet to the ground? Best case scenario, only your work would be damaged and be pushed back for another few months or even weeks. Worst case scenario, your workers would get injured, and your company would go bankrupt because of the horrible lawsuit that follows. You need to make sure that the heavy equipment would be able to work properly before you make a purchase. Certain irresponsible vendors may tempt you into not trying the heavy equipment before you make a purchase, but you need to insist in order to see if it is capable of working properly or not. Technically, you could still purchase a piece of heavy equipment even though it seizes often because it is not something that you cannot fix easily. Usually, you can fix seizures by making proper maintenance on the cat parts. However, if you manage to spot the problem before you agree to buy, it would give you the chance to bring down the price a bit more, and it would be a major win for you.

  • Welds

You need to have a keen eye for detail—and most importantly, for welds—if you wish to purchase a piece of heavy equipment or cat parts that would allow you to save money. Caterpillar heavy equipment are things that would be put to heavy use. Because of that, even though Caterpillar is known to be rather durable and strong, it is inevitable that parts would get broken after a certain amount of usage, and especially if the maintenance is not done properly. Normally, if the damage has been done, the owner would have to service the Caterpillar heavy equipment properly, so that it would be repaired to an almost brand-new condition and be ready for another bout of hard work. However, cheap heavy equipment owners would usually not want to deal with the cost that would come from the reparation of damaged parts, especially if insurance does not cover it. If that is the case, then the owner would usually do a half-baked reparation job themselves, and that is by using welding. Welding would allow the caterpillar parts to work as it should for a certain amount of time, but welding is neither as strong or as durable as the rest of the original parts of the machinery, and a time would come when the welding would break under the pressure, and that time is usually sooner rather than later. Also, welding may be proof that the heavy equipment is hiding damage that is much more severe underneath, and it could cost you a lot to pay for the reparation that would follow. That is something that you cannot afford. Because of that, if you happen to notice custom welding on the parts that you are considering, then your best choice would be to leave the heavy equipment alone and find another. But if you want to take your chances, then you could purchase the parts in the condition that the vendor would agree to lower the price for you. Make sure to ask the vendor about what the cause is first, though, before making any major decisions.

  • Noises

Now that you know that you must absolutely try out a piece of used Caterpillar heavy equipment before actually making a decision to purchase, you may notice some heavy sounds coming from the machine. Usually, the parts that would be making the strange noises would be the brakes, and that is a very dangerous thing. If you cannot put a stop to such a huge machine, you would be headed for disaster, literally. It does not mean, however, that noises would immediately mean that you need to tell the vendor off and go find another one that does not make such noises. Noises could either mean damage in the rear of the machine, or damage in the external parts. If the damage is in the external parts, then you would be able to repair it at a cost that would be considered as insignificant. You can even talk to the vendor to convince them to lower the price significantly, so overall it would be a win for you. However, if the damage happens to be in the rear of the machine, then the cost would be ginormous. You may be better off simply buying a whole new one because the cost of reparation would be comparable to that. You can ask the vendor about the damage, and usually they would always say that the problem is in the external parts, not the rear. It would be nice if that were true, but if it weren’t you would be in for a special kind of hell. Because of that, you may want to convince the vendor to allow you to take a look at the source of the noise yourself. If the vendor does not allow that, it would mean that they have something to hide, and it may be better for you to find another option.

  • Bad Maintenance

If you have experience with Caterpillar machinery, you would be able to tell if the heavy equipment has been taken care of properly or not. You would of course not want to purchase cat parts that have undergone bad maintenance. If the choice comes down between parts such as a final drive that are old but well-maintained and cat parts that are new but have not undergone proper maintenance, you would be better off purchasing parts that are old but well-maintained. Caterpillar heavy equipment has been known to last for more than forty years, so age really does not matter all that much. However, if the heavy equipment is not maintained properly, it would severely lessen the age of the equipment, and you may end up having to pay a lot of money for proper maintenance to get it back into shape.

The used Caterpillar parts that you would want are those that are within your budget, maintained properly, and works as it should. Pay close attention to the outer layer of the cat parts also. Rusts can be dealt with rather easily, but it could be hiding something far more sinister and ominous underneath.

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